If you view this page on mobile you will be shown an example of the greatest app ever made, brought to the standards of 2018

iwantbeer.now.sh is a tribute of ibeer by hottrix, one of the greatest apps ever made. Even to this day people will drop the $0.99 to download it.

When ibeer dropped on the app store it became the most downloaded app on the store and was a sign that applications were the future of technology. 10 years have past since that was true and lots has changed in society. People no longer download new apps as the majority of what people want to do has been put in two 4-5 apps on there home screen. While app store apps installs have been dropping websites have been still growing. I don’t want ibeer to be lost to time so we have bought it into the world of 2018. This PWA can be installed onto your home screen and used offline, what’s not to love PWA's are the future of applications.